Puzzle Games have been very helpful for kids in the development of their spatial abilities, logical skills and problem-solving capabilities. 
As we have spent more than a year sitting at home due to the Covid-19 pandemic, online classes of block-coding, jigsaw puzzles, Rubix cubes have gained tremendous popularity. Do you know why?

Puzzle - Engagement that comes with Learning

The reason is not just limited to getting the kids engaged, but getting them engaged in such a way that would lead to their better decision making, enhanced memory and improved logical reasoning skills. 
It has been observed that activities like playing card games to play with kid, colour coding and solving puzzles elevate the confidence level in the kids of age 5 - 15 years and boosts their brain development in the most important years of their life.
Giving such amazing toys and puzzles to kids at the right age is like making a smart investment for the future. In this blog,  we are going to discuss Why should we buy Puzzle Games for kids and what benefits such games hold for our littles cute ones?

Problem-solving Abilities

Puzzles like Sudoku Puzzle, Wordsearch initiates brain-stroaming within the kids. They start observing the patterns and logically react accordingly to get a win-win over the puzzle. 
As per a published study in Harvard Business Review,  solving a challenging puzzle is very helpful in improving the skills as we try to recognise a pattern & order, create meaning & answers, we begin to use our logical skills, mathematical skills and problem-solving skills.
These skills inevitably offer unlimited advantages to the kids in their academic subjects as well as extra-curricular activities. 
Kids try to improve their performance using trial and error methods, creating and using their own theories and testing, similar to playing 

Reasoning and Memory  

Puzzles have been really very helpful in improving kids’ visual and spatial reasoning skills. This has been advocated by one of the research which was published in the book “How Puzzles Improve Your Brain: The Surprising Science of the Playful Brain by Richard Restak”.
We should buy Buy Puzzle Games for kids because these puzzles such as 3D tangram, strategy games, Rubix cubes lead to the creation of new connections within the cells of the brain which further leads to an effective improvement in short-term memory. 

Hand-Eye Coordination

Puzzles have been very helpful for young children for their hand-eye coordination. Little kids develop this skill when they have to use their eyes and hands together to solve a puzzle. Before putting a piece of the puzzle, the kids see and spot the place where their eyes put the piece to that specific space.


According to the child expert experts, a very small kid can concentrate up to 2-5 minutes, however, a toddle can concentrate up to 5-6 minutes. Puzzles are one of the tools which can take the concentration level beyond the standard level. 
Solving a puzzle needs a lot of concentration and when the kid finds it engaging, he/she gets 100% involved in it which lead to improved concentration. 

Improved concentration further leads to quick learning, easy grasping and better application of concepts. 


Card games to play with kids and Puzzles have been very effective for the brain development of kids. Apart from being a way of a mental workout, puzzles like add great fun to the everyday routine of the children. Puzzles are like a perfect combo of fun and learning, that’s why we should buy puzzles for kids. 

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