RC Car Race Track Rail Set For Kids

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Autoflier Kids RC Rail Car Race Track Set

This RC car race track rail set racing track set is entertaining and instructional. Two players can compete in a game using the two vehicles and two hand-operated controls that are included. Strong magnets are used in the ultra-resistant vehicles to prevent the cars from skidding off the track. It is made from non-toxic ABS P, which has received ASTM certification for security in use. Whatever the occasion, your kids will love receiving this race set as a present.

Autoflier RC Car Race Track Rail Set Kids Specifications

This fun but also educational car racing track set will be a perfect gift for your kids!

Flexible assembly with various rails pipes and buckles will stimulate children's curiosity and creativity. It comes with 2 cars and 2 hand-operated controllers allowing for a 2-player gaming competition. Moreover, the cars will display different and cool lighting effects making the overall experience even more interesting and eye-catching. The super-resistant vehicles are fitted with strong magnets to avoid the cars from falling off the circuit. No matter the occasion this race set is going to be a great gift for your kids, especially for boys. And not just for kids it will be a source of never-ending fun for adults as well.

If you are looking for a track car set don't hesitate to buy it!

This track car set comes with 2 cars and 2 hand-operated controllers allowing for a 2-player gaming competition. Controllers feature a speed regulator which allows you to accelerate the car with a hand motion. High-speed cars and the realistic 3D track will provide an exciting racing experience. Flexible assembly stimulates children's imagination and builds problem-solving abilities. Non-toxic materials are ASTM certified for safe use. Rechargeable cars can be filled in 30 minutes with a USB connector. Gorgeous lighting adds to the unique racing charm. Magnetic absorption on the track prevents the cars from falling off the track. It is not just fun but also an educational toy. Perfect for any occasion.

  • Material: ABS PP
  • Packing size: 15" x 5" x 10" (L x W x H)
  • Car battery: 3.7 V 90 mAh
  • Charging time: About 30 minutes
  • Play time: About 12-15 minutes
  • Control distance: 16.5 ft
  • Net weight: 32 lbs
  • Package includes: 1 x 20cm plastic pipe 6 x 12cm plastic pipe 1 x Rail1 3 x Rail2 5 x Rail3 8 x Rail4 8 x Rail5 12 x Rail6 4 x Rail7 6 x Rail8 1 x Rail20 12 x L support part 2 x O support part 13 x A locker buckle 20 x B locker buckle 4 x Triangle support pin 2 x Red car 2 x Controller 1 x Instruction

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